Welcome to my Ahcuah website.

I'm interested in a bunch of stuff, so you will find an odd mix of things here.

I do a lot of hiking (always barefoot) in southeastern Ohio, and I've always really enjoyed maps. That has led to my mapping the trails in the places I hike, using as a base the topological maps from Libremaps. My hiking maps can be found here.

I prefer to go barefoot, to the point that I am always willing to challenge the status quo. I have an eclectic collection of resources about barefooting here.

Going barefoot had led me to learning a lot about the law, and that led to a few lawsuits that I have filed (and, so far, lost) regarding a right to go barefoot. It also led to another situation in which I was able to leverage that legal experience when my son got a ticket and was punished beyond what the law allowed (I won that one). The dockets and documents (legal briefs, judgment entries) for those cases are here.

Finally, I write a blog on WordPress. Many of the entries are related to barefooting, but I also include information on hiking (mostly in southeastern Ohio) and my observations of nature. Maybe some day I'll expand to politics.